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? ma soeur!
Wild Gals of the Naked West
Voyeur, The: Unrated Uncensored Italian Version
Une vraie jeune fille
Une vieille ma?tresse
Tinto Brass Collection, The: Volume IV
Tinto Brass Collection, The: Volume II
The Seven Minutes
The Immoral Mr. Teas
Spiando Marina
Snack Bar Budapest
Sex Is Comedy

History of erotic movies

Production of erotic films commenced almost immediately after the invention of the motion picture. Two of the earliest pioneers were Frenchmen Eugène Pirou and Albert Kirchner. High & literature of the Tokugawa era were completely devoid of love component, but such a popular "spring pictures" were of rather a purely practical purpose than aesthetic. Unlike the Christian West, where he preached sexual abstinence, in Japan followed a different perspective, based on the principles of Taoism. Sexual culture in Japan over the centuries has developed separately from mainland Asia. Nikkatsu tried to circumvent the new theatrical rules and to compete directly with adult videos by entering their own turf. These scouts are affiliated with talent agencies who then hire the actresses to the AV production companies. Sexologists Milton diamond[en] and Ayako Uchiyama followed a strict correlation between the growth in popularity of pornographic material in Japan since 1970, and the decline in the number of reported cases of sexual violence, including crimes committed by juveniles, and assaults on children under 13. According to the adult entertainment editor for Shukan Shincho, "She laid the foundations for the golden age of adult video. [21]Nikkatsu tried to tempt audiences back to adult theaters with higher-caliber pink films, beginning with the Flower and Snake (Hana To Hebi) series (1985–1987), based on its 1974 Roman Porno S/M hit Flower and Snake, starring Naomi Tani. They refer to similar results in Denmark and Germany. Film critic Toshio Takasaki[ja] so explained the surge of interest in the film industry to the students: "to Take something pure and innocent, like Schoolgirls, and place them in not Besnainou the situation is every man"s dream". Until the end of the 90-ies. In contrast to Western censorship, which cut out the pieces from the movies, the Japanese were content with optical blur, retouch show genital organs, leaving the area of the picture unchanged. Women could not file for divorce, a cheating husband provided for the deprivation of liberty, whereas in respect of such offences by men, the law remained silent[6]. Some, however, combined porn and movies, some started with pornography, and then moved into feature films. Some, however, combined porn and movies, some started with pornography, and then moved into feature films.